Flossing takes aim at misogyny ‘Men On The Menu’.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Kevin Condon

Flossing, the project of Brooklyn artist Heather Elle (ex-BODEGA/ The Wants) returns with a bang on a cavernous and industrial-focused new single ‘Men On The Menu’ via Brace Yourself Records. The potent delivery and effortless vocal melodies of Heather Elle drags you instantly into the subject matter and storytelling of ‘Men On The Menu’, the track’s lyrics taking aim at misogyny, microaggressions and manipulation within our societies.

‘Men On The Menu’ sees a mind-melting Flossing debut for Brooklyn noise saxophonist Kate Mohanty, who tears at the seams of the relentless industrial thrust and subterranean bass causing Flossing’s sound to coast beautifully into noise/ psychedelic territory. Guitar parts by Elijah Sokolow (The Living Strange) – who joins the live project on guitar – rattle around the mix alongside wobbling synths, both elements shift the song into a higher gear as the listener is forced forward into a pool of sweat-inducing industrial noise.

Alongside the single, Elle comes out as queer, and elaborates: “I’m finally detangling myself from the compulsive hetero regime that’s fooled me, failed me, and f*cked me.” The music video was glued together from clips of 1940’s rom-coms, emphasizing how the male gaze has created, and continues to manifest harmful roles and expectations that lead to objectification and violence.