Joseph Futak celebrates imperfection on debut EP.

The London artist shares reflective and cathartic debut EP ‘Pigeon Songs’.


Recorded at Hermitage Works Studios with Nathan Ridley, the debut EP by Joseph Futak was tracked live to tape in just one day, capturing the raw emotion and human fragility at the EP’s core. Released on Fox Food Records, the six track EP entitled Pigeon Songs bathes in the touching rock dynamics of slowcore – balancing detailed instrumental textures, storytelling lyrical passages and explosive urges.

Futak’s incredible vocal range and lyrical flair plays perfectly into the hands of the superb live recording, especially apparent within the soaring atmosphere of Scrambling Around and the intimate growls and remarkable dynamics of Garden. The band will celebrate the release of their EP with a live show at Matchstick Piehouse in Deptford, London on October 15th – find the event here. Find the band on Spotify here.

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