Brighton’s Nature TV release ‘Lady Luck’ EP.

The band’s groove-heavy ‘Lady Luck’ EP is an emotional rollercoaster.


Brighton’s Nature TV are a cheery bunch. Their new EP Lady Luck is a clear example of this, sun-kissed and damned well danceable. Out on Manchester’s grooviest label Heist or Hit, the four-piece prove again why they’re one of the most promising new bands in the country.

Hometown opens with a driving intensity, opting for tight-knit rhythms and tight lyrical passages. Leaving Earth Behind rests on a laidback bass groove that feeds the track’s more psychedelic urges. The rigid drum structure never gives in, as the vocal rides a wave of woozy electronic textures and funk-leaning guitar rhythm.

Solid Door is one for the romantically inclined, lovelorn vocals take the front seat as the track builds on a unstoppable underlying instrumental strut. Nature TV have a knack for letting each instrument shine, leaving no weak parts or repetitive moments, crafting a democratic sound that feels very much their own.

The title track Lady Luck allows us to sink further into the intricate drumming and maze-like guitarplay on display, make no mistake this is music to dance to. The EP ends on The Whole World Drifts Away, a euphoric, slow-grooving piano-led song that hits the final sentimental blow to the listener. The EP is subtle in it’s intentions, will make you slow dance to your sadness and puts a pin in heartbreak just long enough for you to regain your strength.

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