‘Ask Me Later’, the new firecracker from Public Body.

Music to question modern existence to, from post-punk upstarts Public Body.


Produced by Public Body guitarist Theo Verney, Ask Me Later is the band’s fourth single, and arrives equally as brutal and quick-witted as the last. Having smoothed the jagged edges of their mathematical post-punk output of late, the four-piece’s new single is their most driven and thrilling since last year’s debut single Talking Show.

Truly unstoppable in it’s carefully crafted momentum, Ask Me Later fires on all cylinders immediately and never shows a sign of letting up. Despite the welcome introduction of squelching synth textures and unexpected instrumental breakdowns, the track’s purpose is seemingly to stick and move – guitars weave a serrated web of sound around a punchy lyrical delivery that asks questions of the working world we all know and loathe. Public Body hit the nail on the head yet again, find the band on Spotify here.

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