Props excel on the night-time indie of ‘Easy’.

A dark and driving lo fi pop gem from the South London artist.


Music certainly has a cyclical nature to it. Artists often have huge success over a few years then disappear to never be heard of again. That is until the 10th year anniversary since their debut album arrives creating an opportunity to re-press some vinyl, dig out some demos and hop on tour. The noughties created so many incredible albums for indie and guitar music that artists are bound to flick back to that period for influence. Meet props.

South London outfit props take the lo fi production mentality to pop music. Propelled by a dark and driving underlying electronic tension, complete with a scratchy guitar sound, new single ‘Easy’ represents a lot of what was right with late noughties indie and pop. Think Manchester’s Delphic or London’s own Bloc Party as a reference point, moving from guitars to synthesizers through electronic music production, with instrumental hooks and huge choruses.

Props make thrilling indie music through the eyes of modern bedroom production. New single ‘Easy’, out July 27th, contains a ramshackle pop nature, with the perfect dose of crackle and instrumental fizz to carry it’s euphoric chorus to sweaty and darkened festival tents of future summer. The crystal clear vocal delivery, almost a capella at one point, is enough to prick the ears up of anyone dreaming of 2008 again.

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