London’s Gardening thrill on new release ‘Second Sight’.

Driving rhythms, loosely knotted guitar lines and hook-laden melodies – Meet Gardening.


Lockdown has provided time and clarity of thought for a lot of us. While it’s given time and space to the most serious issues facing humankind – such as the Black Lives Matter movement – it’s also allowed us to re-think, tweak and change very small things in our lives. For London four-piece Gardening (formerly known as Mirror Shot), it was a name change that felt necessary after being constantly confused with another band with a similar name.

Taking their cues from the driving rhythms and loosely knotted guitar thrills of past indie heavyweights, ‘Second Sight’ fuses subtly intimate lyricism with sun-kissed plains of dreamy melody. It’s perhaps no surprise that the band’s beginnings arrived instrumentally, such is their intricate and well thought out approach, before Niall Rush was not so gently encouraged to pick up the microphone. The result is seemingly a match made in indie heaven – given the outfit’s “mutual love of Built To Spill, Pavement and Television”.

Tomorrow (24th July) will mark the first release as Gardening, the band’s new single ‘Second Sight’ arrives via Label Fandango.

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