The new music festival is set to go ahead this year.

The Dutch festival breathes life back into new alternative music.


At the moment the future of the live music industry is on a knife-edge, that we know for certain. As whispers of live shows become seemingly more real, we may look at 2020 with optimism for the first time. Safety is the priority, and with appropriate measures in place, promoters have brought about plans so we may still enjoy live music in the coming months to support an industry in dire need. None more so than Rotterdam’s new music festival Left Of The Dial.

The festival, which is set to take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th October, will exhibit some of the most exciting new artists from around the world. The first announcement features a number of UK names you may recognise from these very pages, Sonic Cathedral signees BDRMM, Bristol’s dark-hearted DAMEFRISØR, London’s Legss, JOHN, Krush Puppies, Italia 90, Glasgow’s VLURE, Cambridge sons UGLY, Liverpool outfit Eyesore & The Jinx, Permanent Creeps signees Souki as well as Fruit Tones, Robbie & Mona and Home Counties. This is without the mention of non-UK talent, with Hard Of Hearing favourites and Amsterdam natives The Klittens, Parisian pop noir outfit Juniore, Deveron from The Netherlands, Faroe Islanders Joe & The Shitboys and Michelle Blades.

Left Of The Dial have organised two possible versions of the festival. The first is keeping in line with the current 1.5 metre social distancing regulations in The Netherlands, with the Dutch cabinet set to potentially re-address this ruling in September. The other version with extended capacity would come into effect after a post-September ruling.

Left Of The Dial are set to announce new additions to the line up imminently. Check out the festival in full here and sink into their 2020 festival playlist at the top of this page.

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