Another unreleased LP from the vault of Third Eye Stimuli Records.

The Australian label releasing a new LP from their vault each week for lockdown.


Here’s introducing the second ‘Isolation Series’ instalment from our pal’s on the flip-side, Third Eye Stimuli. Open The Vault! The people cry- let us hear those realmy B-Side’s and for the love of swoon keep ‘em coming.

Open The Vault! is: “an instrumental album for lovers of soundtracks and themes, where stories are told without words, pathways to some nostalgic place that never existed.” An astral spirit soother, it cups the heart with kissed ode to 60s icon and spaghetti-western rapture.

Take a walk on the wandering-wild side and you may discover greatness. Following the downtrodden routes to nowhere, the ‘this-way, that-way’ Wonderland signs to who knows what and always, leaving a trail of floral strength and go-go-attitude’s in the midst not, In hope of finding sheltered return… these grooves will keep you safe now; but simply, to welcome any fellow lovers to join suit if they so wish.

Ladies and gentlemen, a hallucinatory interlude is about to commence.

Together with Third Eye we roam forward with each and every fibre of our dream-state curiosity like garage moths to a smoke-soaked, antique hanging oil lamp. Desperate to not submerge into slumber by risk of losing valuable listening time, you swim in and out of ambiently lucid states-of-entertain through tales of spiritual showdowns- strangers, stargazers or could it be familial lone rangers riding up the noodled mountaintops of golden psychedelia. Wolfgang White is that you?

Traversing tastes, the gazey healing of aventurine rhythms and playing host to change by arc of six-stringed spontaneity this is, above all, a certified quest for nugget-y comfort. As imaginations elate it’s suddenly dawn-break, and rays have started to dance shadowed bemusement across our boogie-blanket fort. Our eyes are heavy with wooze-warm nostalgia but eager to catch one last glimpse, a hearing of lo-fi before the tale concludes, we keep running right ‘til the Pistol Show finale. The best way to prevent withdrawal? Keep returning to Open the Vault! Now that all’s been said and done- keep an eye out for the Grease Arrestors, they know what’s really going down.

Listen to the album in full here.

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