SILVA drift through darkness and light on debut EP.

The London quartet step out of the shadows and into a sprawling dream pop landscape.


Somehow the music of Londoners SILVA is both mellow and menacing. The sparse dream-pop sonic style of this all-female four-piece forges a wistful cross-pollination of thick, meaty bass lines and clean guitar tones and ‘The End’ proves to be the perfect introduction to this coiled cobra of an up-and-coming band.

The second track from the group’s recently released EP ‘Stone Cold’, ‘The End’ will be a handy barometer for new listeners to figure out whether they like, or love the sounds of these mysterious indie smoke machines. A synth opening is met with a restrained guitar line and a weighty bass contribution, before the track quickly finds itself developing into a driving rhythm. Complete with a subtly inventive drum performance complete with erratic hi-hat splashes and subdued snare hits, when the track’s vocals
kick in it is truly difficult to avoid becoming swept up by the undeniable allure of the tune’s groove.

“Listen, this is the end, the end of the song..”

SILVA start their song, by lyrically ending it. With vocals softly echoing against a gorgeously sparse mix, as the pre-chorus kicks in it’s hard not to notice how good this track sounds. Each instrument sits firmly in place and shines brightly in your headphones, only ever so slightly lapping against each other into a wonderful mesh of an auditory landscape. Adventuring to higher registers, the vocal performance is faultless throughout, but particularly enamouring during the track’s chorus. Perfectly delivered in front of increasingly explosive drums, the tracks gentle vocals fit neatly on top of the tune’s calming instrumentation.

In that mix however, the wall of sound provided by SILVA’s bass guitar is immediately evident as the track subsides into a satisfying breakdown. This bassline demands your attention, and your attention it shall receive. The firm low-end tone finds itself met with a return back to dreamy, indie-pop goodness as the track rounds itself out, circling back to a final chorus and underlining this track as one you simply cannot miss from 2020. Find SILVA here.

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