Indie delight from Oxford’s Green Hands.

‘The Long Weekend’ comes ahead of upcoming album ‘Nebo’s Dream’.


Following on from the glorious indie tones of recent single ‘I Found a Way’, Green Hands present a second taster from their upcoming album. The track in question is entitled ‘The Long Weekend’ and sees the band push aside the guitars and slide over to the organ.

‘The Long Weekend’ is an intimate piece of music that further showcases Jack Telford’s talent for emotive alternative pop songwriting, “I had probably spent too much time listening to ‘Godspeed’ by Frank Ocean and a bunch of Grandaddy..”, he mentions, “I really wanted to move away from guitars and lean in on some warmer organs and mellotrons”, and lean in he does.

A departure it isn’t, but a crowning jewel within Green Hands’ new record perhaps. The bare-bones structure and lyrical content on ‘The Long Weekend’ oozes fragility and intimacy through it’s delicate soundscape, it brings the listener ever-closer to the songwriter.

Telford explains, “The Long Weekend was written about a period a few years ago during my last months living in Oxford, where I spent a bit too much time cutting about bars and pubs. Trying to balance yourself out in your twenties can be difficult and the song is a reminder that some allures can be strong but after a while, they are temporary too.”

‘The Long Weekend’ is out tomorrow, April 10th. Follow Green Hands here.

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