Zoe’s Shanghai – ‘Saint Vibe and Time’.

Merging 70’s psychedelia and neo soul, Barcelona quartet excel on ‘Saint Vibe and Time’. 

Barcelona four-piece Zoe’s Shanghai emerged last year, with the release of soulful singles and debut album ‘A Mirage (Meant to Last Forever)’.

Zoe’s Shanghai‘s self-released and self-produced new single ‘Saint Vibe and Time’ is particularly momentous. There lies a vocal melody that hits instant satisfaction, like a sip of warming hot chocolate after you’ve been out in the cold and the rain; Zoe’s melodic transitions are as supple as honey and with soul in abundance.

Though the rhythm does change throughout the song, it never feels overly complex – a solid and satisfying groove always persists. The different sections take the tune on a journey of moods; at the start is a mellow 70’s psychedelia that’s reminiscent of American organist Ronnie Foster – with cosmic synth tones and cosy chords on electric piano.

The second part of the track moves into a faster neo soul section, full of complex bass lines and sophisticated harmonies. There’s a frantic elation that comes with the rhythmically winding bass part and nimble drum pattern that follows. Here, Zoe’s vocals are repeated and comparably more vigorous and passionate than before.

The outro sees electric guitars float into space with the aid of expansive reverb and moonlight-drenched synthesisers that close the song peacefully.

Overall, the song feels eternal and bountiful, constantly morphing in form, keeping the listener engaged and anything but bored. The only problem is ‘Saint Vibe and Time’ is highly addictive… thank god for headphones.


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