Hard Of Hearing on Boogaloo Radio w/ guests PVA.

Every week on Boogaloo Radio live from Highgate, London we host a new music show. This week our guests were PVA.

Fresh from the release of their debut single ‘Divine Intervention’ on London label Speedy Wunderground, London electronic trio PVA seem to have the music world at their feet.

We talked to Ella from the band about dance music, recording with Dan Carey and Brixton gem The Windmill as well as a whole host of other issues facing music in 2020.

We played Doobie Fontaine, Talk Show, HOLY, Ella Bleakley, Living Island, Rebecka Reinhard, Dogeyed, PVA, Armando, The Comet Is Coming, Vanishing Twin, Les Sympathics de Porto Novo and Arthur Russell.


NEW MUSIC: deep tan – ‘Shimmer’.

NEW MUSIC: PVA – ‘Divine Intervention’.

NEW MUSIC: A breakdown of our favourite new releases of 2019.

headofhearinglogov5 (2)

By Karl Johnson

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