Deathcrash and the post-rock landscape of the ‘Sundown’ EP.

London newcomers deathcrash unveil ‘Sundown’, a new EP made up of home recordings.

Post-rock architects deathcrash have unveiled a new EP named ‘Sundown’, made up of a collection of home recordings. The EP follows on from the emotionally devastating ‘Slumber’, their debut single released via Warm Laundry Records.

On ‘Sundown’, deathcrash create an intricate emotional landscape, spacious yet busy and always engaging. The nature of the release is not one of grand lyrical gestures, in fact the vocal output is kept to a minimum, leaving each instrument to tell it’s own tale through irregular rhythm and texture.

At times on the EP, such as on ‘Don’t Shoot!’, the band recall the intimacy of Happyness or Bill Ryder Jones, such is the calmly hypnotic atmosphere created by each musician. ‘Slowed’ doubles down on this intensity with an intimate and striking guitar arrangement, alongside this are vocals soaked in self-doubt and projected in a whispering tone, like a conversation between two old friends.


Instrumentally, ‘Sclarb’ immediately connects, two guitars weave in and out of each other leaving the vocals to hit right where it hurts. ‘Hydraulic Jump’ feels born from a straight up jam, finding it’s expression by counterbalancing maze-like guitar lines against a dirtier more industrial guitar sibling. The track builds into a slow-burning frenzy that almost acts as mind-control, such is the hypnotic state produced by it’s working parts. We’re then yanked, or perhaps guided, back to reality by an off-kilter groove whereby the drums take their chance in the spotlight.

‘Speed’ floats like misspent daydreams, allowing the listener to move into future thought on the back of distant guitar flourishes. A song in itself? Or a perfect outro? All I know is that deathcrash create music so personal and so intimate, that it’s impossible not to drift in and out of luscious daydreams as the band’s tight-knit vision pulls you through your own reality.



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By Karl Johnson

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