NEW MUSIC: Max Bloom – ‘Call Me When It’s Over’.

Yuck frontman Max Bloom delivers his second solo single ahead of his debut headline show this month.

‘Call Me When It’s Over’ really does follow on from where ‘To Be Alone’ finishes. Reflective in it’s nature, beautifully structured and emotionally charged, Max Bloom comes out kicking with his new single ahead of his debut headline show this month.

With sweet guitar melodies laying snug between the angular rhythm of the track, ‘Call Me When It’s Over’ comes across as a slow-burning classic. It holds dear the feeling of effortlessness and euphoria of late 80’s/ early 90’s artists who made waves over in the US, but the raw honesty and heartfelt lyricism lands this side of the Atlantic. The verses capture the driving, emotional wall of sounds loved in shoegaze whilst the chorus and other instrumental parts feed off a love for alternative rock. The perfect cocktail.


Max Bloom – “Like most of my songs, this is a song about guilt and anxiety. Anxiety about what the future holds, and about not being able to let go of the past. The second verse is about my relationship with material things, particularly clothes. I really hate buying new clothes, I wear a lot of my clothes until they have holes in and I can’t wear them anymore. I think a big reason for that is the memories they hold, and not being able to move on from them.”

Max Bloom‘s debut solo headline show will be at Tamesis Dock, a 1930’s Dutch barge docked on the Thames, on August 27th. Tickets can be purchased here. London-based alt-rock trio Cagework will provide support, alongside a secret set by a London band which will be announced nearer the time.




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By Karl Johnson

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