‘Dirty Knees’ reflects on sun-kissed summers past. Meet Medium Love.

Medium Love are conquering lockdown, having released their stellar debut EP Overcoming Shyness back in August, the London band are back with a new single. Dirty Knees harnesses the spirit and freedom that summer brings, it tears at the ripped knees of your denim and reinvigorates the memories of those stretched out, warm days of summer.

Dirty Knees is dreamworld steeped in romantic imagery and rose-tinted memory. Guitars jangle and echo a never setting sun while lyrically the track joins the dots between unspoken love and friendship. Medium Love’s reflective gaze is the perfect soundtrack to a misspent youth, lost time and colourful memory – evoking feelings of a cherished adolescence and human connection.

Finding inspiration within the narrative and emotion of his dreams, lyricist KC Underwood – formally of indie heroes BIG DEAL – documents the thoughts and images into his phone on his bedside table as they happen, before they evaporate into as he puts it “dream dust”. Listen to Medium Love on Spotify here.

By Karl Johnson

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