Truly unstoppable psych-rock goodness by Melbourne’s Badgers


The beating heart of modern psychedelia – through it’s many strains and mutations – belongs to the heat-stained and unforgiving terrain of Australia. Out on Strong Island Recordings, Why Am I Your Only Friend? waits for no-one as it tears at the seams of traditional psychedelic rock.

There’s a sense of control in the chaotic and furious momentum of BADGERS’ new single. It’s the Melbourne quartet’s follow up to their debut release Make It Rain, which dropped last year. Fusing powerful vocal melodies with a deep weaving guitar sound that bends the mind back and forth, the track doesn’t let up for a second.

BADGERS echo the country’s vast landscape and beating summer sun through their sound. They drag us relentlessly through a vision of psychedelic rock, so breathless and unyielding that seemingly they will stop at nothing in helping us see the light. Find the band on Spotify here.

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