Dublin’s Sprints share industrial-rock track ‘Drones’.

The band’s savage new single arrives ahead of their debut EP.


Alternative rock can mean many things in 2020. Dublin outfit Sprints fall into this particular crater of guitar-focused noise. Over three single releases in 2020 the four-piece have hollowed-out their own area of sound, enabling them to experiment and release under the nurturing wing of Nice Swan Records. With each release Sprints morph into a different shape, the constant being their emotionally-charged storytelling and electrifying lyrical wit.

With the release of their debut EP approaching, produced by Girl Band’s Daniel Fox, Sprints have shared the industrial-focused Drones. Taken from that very EP, Drones marks a move towards a darker strain of hair-raising noise hellbent on shaking up the current post-punk market. Lead singer and songwriter Karla Chubb continues in fine form both vocally and lyrically, confident in occupying the ghostly corners of noise rock and the melodic side of post-punk. Find Sprints on Spotify here.

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