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As the UK preps for another essential lockdown, our time and attention must go to supporting those most vulnerable to being alone: physically and mentally. Mind is a mental health charity based in England and Wales – directed by Stephan Fry – and offers information and advice to people with mental health problems and lobbies government and local authorities on their behalf. Check out their website to see how you can help spread the word. We’ve collected a mixed bag of new artists with new releases that we wish to share with you, in the hope it throws up a new artist for you to adore. You’ll find the tracks featured here in our Hard Of Hearing’s Top Tips playlist below.

Magnolia Mansion

South-Coast trio BARBUDO worship the dancefloor, within their new release you’ll find flavours of soul, disco and funk – coiled and ready to burst into a dance-ready pop frenzy on the first listen. Vocally Magnolia Mansion aches with the will to groove and dance, instrumentally the track is one smooth listen, offering an emotionally dynamic experience for those who like their escapist pop with a strong dose of movement. Find the band on Spotify here.

Pillow Talk

What do you need to know about Midlands-born, London-based artist mauv? Just that it’s one of the most exciting things to arrive in 2020, and with the promise of a debut album next year, there is something to look forward to in 2021. mauv’s debut single Television harnessed a deep underlying bass drive with a fast-paced drum section, the vocals flow through shuddering electronic textures to create something both groove-focused and haunting. Pillow Talk is all that again, but twists the tempo dial up a notch with added potency in the lyrical flow. Find the artist on Spotify here.

La Guerre Dans Ta Petite Tête

Through a soundscape of haunting drum patterns, growling bass grooves and dreamy guitar textures, Belgium outfit St-Katharina’s sound is born. Their new single La Guerre Dans Ta Petite Tête – taken from their EP – is a haunting affair, complete with a shared vocal delivery that echos their cold and brooding instrumentation. The track’s title is loosely translated as ‘the war in your little head’ and leads the lyrical themes of intimacy, violence and religion. Find the band on Spotify here.

Long Teeth
(An Orchestra Of Angry) Teenagers

East London power pop trio Long Teeth have returned with a new single, (An Orchestra Of Angry) Teenagers arrives to mark the release of their new album White T-Shirt. The vocal delivery lurks between walls of raucous guitarplay and beating drums, lyrically it’s cuts straight through the bullshit and reflects on teenage angst. The band’s new album is well worth a listen and arrived via Black Box Recordings in September. Find the band on Spotify here.


Bristol outfit Polemics tick a number of alternative rock boxes through their manic vocal delivery and dynamic instrumental performance, their new single Halibut is an intricate and driving track that hits hard both sonically and emotionally. Dig further into their sound to find Conflict, a punk-tinged vocal delivery with a dark underlying feeling or Plup where knife-edged guitars meet furious instrumentation. With Polemics you’ll find yourself a journey through social awareness and sonic experimentation for sure. Find the band on Spotify here.

Beach Body

The Manchester newcomers have made quite an impression since arriving with their debut single Taking You With Me in March. They’ve returned with Beach Body, a scruffy piece of joyous indie rock that sounds like a long lost banger from the mid-noughties. The quintet are making waves – quite literally in their video – with the sort of pop music fans that love the raw corners of indie bands destined for the big leagues. Bet against it, I dare you. Find the band on Spotify here.

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