Ian Charles Carter unveils stunning visual for ‘Gold Blood’.

Out on The New Town Tudors label, ‘Gold Blood’ is the euphoric second single.


Lockdown has given us all time to reflect, appreciate and hold tight those we love and rely on. The full-bodied emotional soundscape on Gold Blood by Ian Charles Carter reflects both the raw chaos and the catharsis of these times. The quality of the visual production, and the clearcut nature in which we currently experience the implosion of world culture, is reflected in the vocal tone and startling stillness of the video’s protagonist Ian Charles Carter.

“I wrote Gold Blood a year ago but the lyrics, sadly, seem more fitting now as they did then, this video is a hyperreal representation of how I felt during lockdown, bewildered and hypnotised by the ridiculousness of world events I was seeing on my phone/tv. Unable to leave my flat and do anything about it.”

Honing the sort of pent up energy one experiences before a meltdown, where every detail is overanalysed and each moment a deep breath, Gold Blood‘s lyricism is truly reflective of both a moment of pre-self destruction and a psychological awakening. Sonically, Ian Charles Carter’s new single bathes in warm guitar textures and floats with purpose through a journey of understanding.

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