London’s Sunken share BEAT-DRIVEN DREAM POP debut EP ‘Hometime’.

The London quintet find themselves through beat-driven dream pop excellence.


If this is your first time listening to Sunken then you’re in for one dreamy treat. The London five-piece have used the last few years wisely in creating a bubbling synthesizer-led sound propelled by driving bass lines and intricate guitar rhythms. The result: their debut EP Hometime.

Sibling rivalry seemingly has it’s benefits, Poppy and Finn Billingham’s creative relationship originally formed as an “act of peace as much as creativity” in terms of shared songwriting and production in their formative years. “We came out of puberty with a much stronger relationship through making music together”, Finn jokes regarding the musical groundwork put in before Sunken was formed.

The EP itself is as intimate as they come, each instrument packs it’s own subtle punch and grows it’s personally throughout the five tracks. Embracing the raw beauty of lo-fi music, while attempting to wade out into more experimental pop waters, Sunken doesn’t limit itself to one lead vocalist or thought process. Hometime is a triumph that gives that little bit more with each listen.

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