‘Day Destroyer’, the driving psych gem by Wrecked Beach.

We’re premiering an unstoppable slice of psychedelic rock by the Vancouver outfit.


What do you know about Wrecked Beach? Perhaps the Vancouver band’s banging debut record Eye Tide, maybe you witnessed their live performance on this summer’s Interstellar Food Drive Festival? If you missed those, today we’re premiering their brand new single Day Destroyer, out on London’s Blitzcat Records tomorrow.

The Canadian outfit’s new single opens with a relentless instrumental charge, cymbals crash down like thunder as a snaking bass groove acts as a sonic hypnotist. The guitars on Day Destroyer open doors to psychedelic imagery and cut the driving atmosphere like rainfall on parched desert plains.

Wrecked Beach release Day Destroyer tomorrow, and it’s a fine return to business. Find the band on Spotify here.

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