‘Love Thing’ is a DIY-pop gem by Bristol’s Mumble Tide.

The duo’s new single aches with the fragility of early relationship infatuation.


Taken from their upcoming EP set for release November 13th via Nothing Fancy Records, Bristol duo Mumble Tide have shared the devastatingly beautiful Love Thing. Shimmering synths wash over the track in a non-intrusive manner as an off-clean guitar sound balances the sweetness of the vocal delivery. The clipped, beat-driven approach to the track was put down by labelmate Benjamin Woods of The Golden Dregs.

“It’s about the excitement of a new relationship but also about feeling hesitant after being dumped in the past.” says Gina Leonard. “We had tried a bunch of different versions of it in the studio when we were still figuring out our sound but nothing was really sticking. In the end we took it back to my folks in Cambridge and spent a week working it in and everything clicked into place.”

Created in a home studio in Bristol and developed in lockdown at Gina’s parents place in Cambridge, Love Thing is a crystal clear indie pop cut that aches with the fragility of early relationship infatuation, echoing the fluttery feeling in the stomach that starting a brand new chapter in life can bring. The duo’s touching vocal melodies and tight-knit harmonies are a rare treat and cut deep on a first listen, their sonically spacious DIY pop feeling is echoed in the new music video featured above. Find Mumble Tide on Spotify here.

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