A brooding new single by Sapphire Blues.

‘Ourselves Forgotten’, a story of small town frustration by the Bristol trio.


If ever there was a band to reflect the mood of this cataclysmic year, Sapphire Blues are on the money. Earlier this summer we were treated to their melancholic ode to stagnation 119. Now with a change in season, and a significant drop in temperature, the Bristol boys have returned darker and all the more brooding with their latest single, Ourselves Forgotten.

Like the visible exhalation of breath on a crisp autumnal morning, strident guitars permeate through a tense and unyielding melody. As the harsh soundscape unfolds, urgent drums set a tenacious pace. Frontman Sam Lance Jones ardently delivers a gritty vocal, stylistically not dissimilar to an early Joe Talbot.

Alluding to the sombre sentiments of small town boredom, the song will resonate with the big city dreamers of this world. As the track progresses, jagged riffs and expectant percussion crescendo in a wide-eyed frenzy. As we reach an emphatic climax, Jones accents his ill-fated narrative with a lesser of two evils: “To be bloodshot with living, is a rise above the rotten”. In essence, get out, start living and if you’re blue in the face you must be doing something right.

Ourselves Forgotten was released on burgeoning London indie label Blitzcat Records. Listen to the band on Spotify here.

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