Chappaqua Wrestling dig deeper and darker on ‘The Rift’.

The band talk an increasing societal division and a global boiling point on ferocious new single.


2020 hasn’t been kind on anyone, but it has thrown up music with a heart, a conscious and with something to say. One of those tunes is The Rift by Brighton-based quintet Chappaqua Wrestling. The band’s new single is no grower, it’s a heavy-hitter wrapped in DIY sensibility, it grooves like a washed up gem by Pixies on the shores of late 80s alternative rock, it’s designed for a for a head on collision. With that comes a song that crashes over you like a wave.

“.. The Rift is a track about conflict, acknowledging the increasing divisions within society, and calling out those that turn the blind eye. Events from the last year have got to a global boiling point and creatively this has taken us to the same place.”

On The Rift Chappaqua Wrestling show their teeth, vocally soaring sky high and sonically moving with intent, they conjure a specific emotion and escapist feeling that only instrumental builds and titanic riffs can produce. Their new single is a follow up to July release Football, and finds the band in ferocious form – finding a sweet spot between a scratchier lo-fi charm and intricate, driving alternative rock. Find the band on Spotify here.

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