NYC artist JW Francis is in it for a ‘Good Time’.

Another joyous and incredibly dreamy indie pop gem from the New York City artist.


Sometimes an artist comes along and makes your day on a first listen, that was my personal experience with New York, the July single from JW Francis. JW fans may remember that we hosted a particularly joyous and jangly set of his on one of our early Instagram Live gigs back at the beginning of lockdown. Now the Oklahoma born, Paris raised and New York City-based artist has returned with Good Time.

Out on Sunday Best Recordings, new single Good Time is lo-fi pop at it’s dizziest and dreamiest. While maybe not as clear-cut or instant as his previous material, Good Time shudders and shakes like the perfect bedroom recording should, opening up a new brand of wonky pop genius filled with samples and tropical guitar lines. The sound wraps up touches of Mac DeMarco, vocal scratches of The Strokes and the carefree pop charm Darwin Deez and whole lot more. Find JW Francis on Spotify here.

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