King of May unleash the thoughtfully jangly ‘Oxycontin’.

A glorious wave of jangled guitars and swelling psychedelic instrumentation.


Emerging from the seaside town of Margate is King of May. Their latest release is Oxycontin, pulled from the band’s debut EP I’ll Weave A Lei Of Stars For You. The newcomers have dropped a sun-drenched garage rock gem that’s reminiscent of Ty Segall’s lo-fi output, fitting next to the retro ways of Segall’s albums Goodbye Bread and Melted.

King of May had formed as a fully fledged live band – the project of vocalist and songwriter Connor Lang – but sadly the pandemic robbed them of a live performance. Certainly one for the beach days, King Of May’s Oxycontin is a glorious wave of jangled guitars that patiently erupt into flaming balls of fuzz. Find King of May on Bandcamp here.

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