New music, new artists and Hard Of Hearing Firsts.

Despite the circumstances, an unstoppable wave of newly formed bands with incredible new releases continues to wash over us. Tuesday the 22nd of September will mark the first day of Autumn, and with a new season approaching, we’ve found solace as always in new music. Live streams may still be functioning adequately alongside the tough measures of socially-distanced live gigs, but it’s recorded music that has stood strong since March. We delved into some of our favourite sounds and new releases of late. You can find all of these tracks and more in our Hard Of Hearing playlist below.

The Beckleys
Galaxy Eyes

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, meet America’s most jangly new outfit The Beckleys. Their new release is called Galaxy Eyes and dances with the same youthfully romantic energy as New York City band The Drums. Think driving bass rhythms, intricate and knotted guitar lines all wrapped up in touching lo-fi production.


Cut from their new album ‘Johnny’, New Orleans project Lawn have thrown up a post-punk smash hit in Summertime. It’s jagged yet playful guitar work and unstoppable bass groove brings a much-needed sense of danceability to a backdrop of hard-hitting storytelling. They might remind you of 70’s heroes Wire, yet with their own lyrical take on modern life in the USA.

Morning Arcade
Cold Shoulders

Welsh quintet Morning Arcade have set the bar high with their debut single, Cold Shoulders is a spacious slice of textured indie brilliance. The combined vocal effort of Bethan Ayres and Karl Griffiths is a enough to make you turn the key in the ignition and drive non-stop through the night. A rigid and driving rhythm section provides the energy while glistening guitars snake between the track’s lines, building each chorus into an unstoppable ball of pent-up emotion.


What do you need to know about new London project EXPORT? BUTTON MØON explores the tipping points of noise rock through experimental electronica, rap and drum and bass influences. Through a glitchy and mind-bending vocal delivery, EXPORT aims to catch you off guard at each turn. There are touching moments of spoken word, picked guitars, piano and lyrical intimacy – there are also moments industrial-leaning noise that sends a chill to your spine. What have you got planned for the next 9 minutes 47 seconds? Clear your schedule.

Joensuu 1685
The Most Luckiest Man

Organs, grand instrumental builds and a vocal delivery that balances sorrow and optimism so perfectly, meet Joensuu 1685. The Helsinki trio blur the lines between Glasvegas and Arcade Fire, bringing an emotionally-drenched and overwhelming sound to their new single The Most Luckiest Man. Lyrically heart-felt and searching, Joensuu 1685 craft layers of instrumental textures upon a soaring vocal delivery that punches straight for the heart-strings on a first listen.

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