World News unveil a knotted and guitar-driven new single.

The next band to rise from Tottenham’s warehouse communities.


On their new single (out September 11th), World News explore themes of discomfort in 21st century living, societal expectation and being lobotomized by the failure of personal relationships. The track is called Lend Me Your Brain, and is premiering on Hard Of Hearing today.

Rehearsing and recording within the confines of their warehouse living quarters, the North London trio set about making their debut EP, a five-track effort that fuses tight-knit rhythms, tropical and tangled guitar passages and rigid drumming – not to mention the subtle brilliance of understated vocalist Alex Evans. The track spearheading the EP’s release is Lend Me Your Brain, and offers an insight into the band’s intricate guitar sound and intimate lyrical imagery.

Written amidst a relationship breakdown, Lend Me Your Brain scales the dizzy heights of anxiety, self-doubt and the reckless abandonment of self-health. World News are the latest talented band to rise from the fertile grounds of Tottenham’s warehouse communities.

World News’ debut EP arrives September 18th and is entitled Job and Money, Find them on Spotify here.

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