Manchester’s Mister Strange arrive ‘Without A Warning’

Arriving from the depths of the Manchester metropolis with the video to their latest single Without A Warning, are fuzz alchemists Mister Strange. A monsoon of bludgeoning, psychedelic-soaked garage rock, Mister Strange’s Without A Warning is seemingly a sonic-shaped love letter to Californian fuzz lords Oh Sees, Ty Segall and Wand.

The sprawling pint spiller of a track (assuming pre-social distancing measures) by the Mancunian outfit rips through the fabric of space and time itself, rocketing you to the edges of the universe, before dropping you at lightspeed back on the sofa. 

Without A Warning is a truly promising start from a band that absolutely need to be on your radar if the aforementioned bands, plus the likes of King Gizzard, Bass Drum of Death and Fuzz, are your cup of tea. The track is released via Sydney imprint Third Eye Stimuli, and sees the band become the first UK based act on the Australian label.

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