Rebecka Reinhard returns with a bittersweet parting note.

Originating from Sweden via a stopover in Paris, Rebecka Reinhard’s creative wanderlust has led her to London, with her sound already stirring gentle ripples across the capital’s music scene. A Pick is the latest single from this promising artist’s growing back catalogue of smooth flowing, dreamy compositions. It gradually builds to the choruses, where instead of an anthemic hook-laden sound, Reinhard chooses to make her statement subtly. There is no sledgehammer of emotion on A Pick, rather a gentle stream of thought.

A Pick is lyrically melancholic. Reinhard admits that she always leaves things to the last minute, and leads a cluttered life, but you should take her or leave her as she is. Reinhard wrote the song as a bittersweet parting note to an ex, after finding a guitar pick with their name written on it. She used the pick until the writing had worn away fully, exacting small vengeance and allowing this person to drift out of her life.

In that sense, A Pick is triumphant – about accepting heartbreak and rejection, but moving on knowing you’re a good person at the end of the day. Reinhard’s balanced brand of folk indie invites you in with softened soundscapes and layered melodic guitars. It’s the kind of music you need to let wash over you, on a long car drive or a lazy weekend afternoon. Headier than Courtney Bartlett, more down-to-earth than Cate Le Bon, Rebecka Reinhard occupies her own space amongst both peers and heroes alike.

A Pick is cut from Rebecka Reinhard’s new EP Whale, which is out now. Find it on Spotify here.

Words by Adam Davidson

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