Bristol’s Home Counties unveil a jagged, wonky-pop triumph.

‘Redevelopment’ is the Bristol outfit’s sonically agitated debut EP.


It’s been a tumultuous few years politically, economically, culturally and anything in-between. In the wake of Brexit (becoming the household noun that no one wants to hear) and Covid-fuelled social distancing (another term that we’d rather just forget), is it possible that anyone can see the funny side? Emerging triumphantly from their transitional rebirth into Home Counties, the Bristol hailing five-piece do just that, with their socially charged and compellingly wonky debut EP Redevelopment.

At the helm of this savagely percussive affair, the title track sets a relentless pace. A carefully crafted chaos of stabbing guitars, interjected by the outlandish yet entirely necessary cowbell, Redevelopment finds playful melody in its satirically downbeat lyrics. Dancing teasingly along a tightrope of melodic woodwind, Dad Bod is both jarring and humorous in it’s infectiously offhand rhythm. The most climatic track of the EP, Chuggin, becomes a whirlwind of agitated riffs, centred around the emphatic cries of straight-talking vocalist Will Harrison.

Moving into the EP’s second half, Raoul finds sonic momentum in its pulsating synths, which sound erratically like shots fired at a retro game of Laser Quest (90’s kids you can relate). The tangible quality of spirited comradery can be felt on the west country boys’ latest single and closing track That’s Where The Money’s Gone. Will Harrison comments, It’s the only song that came directly out of a jam session, including the lyrics, which have remained unchanged. It was so much fun recording it – we did all the vocals all at the same time in a room facing each other. Home Counties is a way more collective effort than our previous project, so I think this song is the perfect encapsulation of our process and intent.

Having toured with the likes of post-punk heavyweights Shame, Sports Team and Hotel Lux, it comes as no surprise that Home Counties’ debut is released via the illustrious indie label Alcopop! Records. A masterful concoction of tongue in cheek artistry, is Redevelopment merely scratching the surface of what these Bristolians are set to achieve?

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