Reaching a dreamlike state with Dutch outfit Euroboy.

We’re premiering ‘Bunk Beds’, the new release by Utrecht’s Euroboy.


Euroboy combines the sort of crisp lyrical spontaneity that doesn’t arrive too frequently. Imagine being dropped into a late night conversation between a group of friends that know each other incredibly well, the backdrop being the narrow canals and cyclist-friendly streets of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Well, that’s what I imagine when listening to Euroboy’s debut single ‘Dog Lover’, released last month.

Today we’re premiering a new track, it’s called ‘Bunk Beds’ and while the lo-fi charm and driving instrumentation remains, the new release by Euroboy is cut from darker cloth. Setting the tone with a krautrock rhythm, ‘Bunk Beds’ drifts through REM sleep as memories flicker in patchwork form in search of resolution. Guitars jangle and dance in a one chord salute to the motorik pulse before the vocal melodies and memories overlap and fuse into a collective feeling, and the track drifts back into it’s hypnotic state.

Cut from Euroboy’s upcoming debut album entitled ‘OK Mom’, set for release in Autumn this year, ‘Bunk Beds’ provides an exciting sonic twist and depth of journey. Vocalist Doortje states, “Bunk Beds is the last song I wrote for the album and it was finished just in time. I wanted to try and write a song that was based on solely one chord that continued from beginning to end. I wrote it on Monday evening, recorded the drums the day after and finished it that same night. I just strongly felt that it had to be on the album.”

Euroboy will play the 2020 edition of Left Of The Dial festival in Rotterdam, one of the few live events and festivals going ahead in 2020. ‘Bunk Beds’ is out tomorrow, August 28th. Find Euroboy on Spotify here.

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