Bristol newcomers Birdman Cult share ‘Time’.

Unstoppable psychedelic rhythms and power-hungry instrumental urges – meet Birdman Cult.

Today we’re premiering the new video from Bristol’s Birdman Cult. The track concerns the subject of ‘Time’, one thing you cannot buy or get back once expired. ‘Time’, produced by Chris Ellul of The Heavy, binds unstoppable rhythm, power-hungry instrumental urges with flashes of sprawling psychedelia. The band’s latest release arrives darker, with a primal instinct and with a sense of foreboding.

The band take their name from both an ancient religious sect who inhabited Easter Island – which was eventually halted by Christian missionaries in the 1860s – and the metaphor of the Tangat Manu or ‘Birdman’, where native clans would retrieve a seasonal egg from a remote island. The winner would retrieve the prize, grow their hair and nails, be lavished with the seasons harvest and never have to want for anything, until the next Tangat Manu arrives. Time will come for each and everyone of us.

Birdman Cult explain, “..‘TIME is an attempt to capture my existential crisis while on lockdown, my life like many others was halted and thrown into some sort of anxiety induced groundhog day where the weeks pass like days and slip through our fingers, where all we have to do in the present is to reflect on the past and ponder on the fragile new possible futures”.

‘Time’ ripples through our subconscious setting off pleasure receptors as each tribal chant and deftly delivered vocal line feels like a call to arms against a mundane existence. Find Birdman Cult on Spotify here.

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