French Alps Tiger share the touching ‘Let Me Down’.

The South Wales outfit unleash a heartfelt garage rock number.


Hailing from South Wales, French Alps Tiger play the sort of nostalgic garage rock that hugs the line perfectly between recklessly carefree and intimate. New single ‘Let Me Down’ sides with their more intimate and thoughtful side as a band. Twisted guitar lines jangle and echo over touching lyrical sentiment while the drums pave the way for a deep rooted bass groove to rattle through the track.

‘Let Me Down’ is superbly structured and immediately relatable, relationships are never black and white. With the Welsh outfit in the mood to put their hearts on the line for their new single, we catch a glimpse of a band that is equally equipped to come out with all guns blazing (see previous single ‘Floor is Lava’) as well as harnessing the full extent of human emotion necessary for a more rounded and complete sound.

While sonically French Alps Tiger may conjure memories of debut album Palma Violets or more so Spring King, with each release the quartet offer up a new piece of the jigsaw allowing us a little more insight into what will become. An exciting prospect.

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