Sonic shape-shifters Walt Disco return big.

The Glaswegian gang are back with an all-inclusive anthem.


Whichever way Walt Disco thrust their disco hips, and whatever musical alley they decide to wander down, you just know it’s another positive step in their evolution as a band. The Glaswegians have been on ferocious form of late as they lead up to their debut EP, dropping electric singles like ‘Cut Your Hair’ and last year’s ‘Dancing Shoes Won’t Fix My Mind’. Now they’ve shared ‘Hey Boy (You’re One Of Us)’, which offers another exciting new creative direction.

With each gigantic sonic leap the six-piece take, it arrives thought-out and sees them stand up for what they believe in. On their latest single, ‘Hey Boy (You’re One Of Us)’, the band sidestep their new wave rooted sound, utilising their synth section to provide a buoyant synth pop atmosphere which stings with a festival singalong energy.

“We wrote this song around a hypothetical situation about teaching a man to come to terms with his feminine side”, says vocalist James Power, “.. and that it wouldn’t devalue the parts of him that are male, but would make him feel more free and help his relationships with others. We obviously had a lot of fun writing it and sometimes the lyrics get a bit kinky, but such is life.”

Walt Disco’s debut EP is set for release September 30th and is entitled ‘Young Hard and Handsome’, the band are due to tour the UK in March 2021.

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