New Zealand post-punk outfit REPAIRS return with a ‘Pop Song’.

Auckland trio REPAIRS excel on jarring and thunderous new single.


They just wanted to write a pop song, but what they ended up with was another piece of the REPAIRS jigsaw, a beautifully jarring, heavy-hitting slab of menacing post-punk. The New Zealand band’s output has been nothing but uncompromising, tight as hell and direct in it’s delivery, each release is uniquely cut from the cloth of emotionally charged and heartfelt post-punk history.

On the trio’s latest release, ‘Pop Song’, REPAIRS are full steam ahead. Interweaving vocal deliveries collide with warped instrumental distortion, guitars wail in torment and grief but the rhythm never gives in to the idea that any second this could all fall to shit.

The beauty of this tight-knit and overwhelming passage of sound is it’s placement within the band’s back catalogue, while ‘Pop Song’ might not be their heaviest of their new releases (see ‘Cut to the Chase’), or even their most fluid (see ‘Last Chances’), it’s no doubt a moment in their set which sets the crowds teeth on edge.

The band’s collective instrumental and vocal efforts place them directly in the cross hairs of every music fan that worships at the alter of thought-provoking, industrial post-punk fury. Find REPAIRS on Spotify here.

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