Low-key escapism: Pynch share ‘Somebody Else’.

The London band deal in squealing electronics and lo fi guitars on an unstoppable new single.


Following on from their Dan Carey produced November single ‘Disco Lights’, which contained a dub remix on the B-side by Carey’s daughter Orla, Pynch have shared a follow up. But, how on earth do you follow up the buzz of a Speedy Wunderground single in 2020 I hear you ask, by quite simply continuing to be yourselves seems to be the answer.

Soaked in the intimacy of bedroom production and a love of lo fi soundscapes, ‘Somebody Else’ is an intimate track. A relentless beat, driving bass, wonky electronic textures and some passionate guitarplay all come a beautiful second to the weight and connection in the vocal and lyrical delivery. The storytelling element of Pynch is led by Spencer Enock, who started out writing demos in his parents house in Ramsgate, Kent, before moving to London to study music and form a band.

Touching on the natural lyrical intimacy and infectious momentum of LCD Soundsytem, while combining a love of lo fi guitar sounds, ‘Somebody Else’ is a perfect burst of escapist pop music. It’s built for anyone who suddenly realises that they’re following the right path for the wrong reasons.

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