Sheffield outfit International Teachers of Pop flex their groove.

More than just revivalists, Yorkshire’s “Nerd Disco” specialists strike again.


Rave culture has been prominent in the British underground for over 30 years. Despite the best efforts of the so-called ‘Iron Lady’ – who didn’t believe in the idea of society – to destroy the acid-house scene, the ‘Second Summer of Love’ has continued on in its own way and has massively evolved. It’s spawned numerous subcultures and the scene has grown into a multi-headed hydra.

One area that is synonymous with retaining the spirit of the purest form of rave culture, is in the north of England. Hailing from said part of the country – Sheffield aka The Steel City – is the astronomically fun, synth-pop outfit International Teachers of Pop, who are so much more than just revivalists. 

With their latest offering ‘FEMENENERGY’, International Teachers of Pop evoke elements of the UK acid-house scene whilst incorporating brushes of trance-induced, big-room sounds of mid 90’s Ibiza. They also flash back into the 80’s with touches of Gary Numan and Human League-esque new wave.

The Yorkshire outfit’s latest single is out now, ‘FEMENENERGY’ is a slice of much needed and incredibly danceable pop for the strange times we live in. It arrives ahead of their second LP ‘POP GOSSIP’ which drops August 28th 2020.

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