Medium Love share a sun-kissed vision.

The London trio unveil ‘Can’t Go Back’ and announce their debut EP.


Stumbling across Medium Love for the first time is like finding out that you can bottle that nostalgic feeling of warm summers past. If you could pull out that small glass vial of hope in darker times, it could be worth a fortune. Until that surely magical time, the closest to an antidote we could find is ‘Can’t Go Back’, the new single from London’s Medium Love.

When Big Deal came to a natural close after releasing three studio albums and having supported Depeche Mode on tour, vocalist and guitarist Kacey Underwood moved his focus to Medium Love after meeting bassist and vocalist Heather Eaton through a mutual friend, the line up is completed by vocalist and drummer Sam Russel.

The instant sun-kissed guitar melodies and touching group vocal harmonies on ‘Can’t Go Back’ finds a heart-warming sweet spot alongside a backbone of snaking bass grooves and hard-hitting drums. While it’s not a soundtrack to heartbreak, their sound certainly contains healing properties.

Of the song’s origins Underwood mentions, “Most of my songs come to me in dreams – they are the soundtrack, sometimes I write about what happened in the dream or how it made me feel, I keep a phone by my bed to spit it all out before it evaporates into dream dust”.

The London trio’s debut EP is set for release August 7th, and is spearheaded by new single ‘Can’t Go Back’ which is out tomorrow July 31st.

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