The raw vocal power of Mog Jones’ country-tinged debut.


The Cornwall artist shares her breathtaking debut single ahead of upcoming LP.

Sometimes a special voice comes around that just makes you stop and think. This time it arrives in the form of Cornwall artist Mog Jones. ‘Only Way Out’ is Mog’s debut single and is cut from her upcoming debut record.

Drawing influences from the likes of The Beatles, Dolly Parton and Stevie Nicks, Mog Jones’ raw and naturally powerful vocal finds room to soar and guides you on a journey through delicately swaying guitars and subtle drum textures. Ethereal backing vocals echo gently in the mix and provide a perfect accompaniment to Mog’s charming vocal delivery.

A thirst for change through storytelling is at the forefront of her lyrical output, such as it is with all country music greats. On the subject of her debut she states, “Only Way Out is about a thirst for change and needing more from the world, I think it’s something that all people feel at some point in their lives.”

The debut single by Mog Jones is entitled ‘Only Way Out’ and was released last week. It displays an artist searching for solace in a modern world full of uncertainty and upheaval.

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