Mint Field stretch space and time on ‘Contingencia’

The new album was recorded with Ulrika Spacek in London.


Step into the darklands and prepare for the sublime sonic assault of ‘Contingencia’ by Mexican outfit Mint Field. Their latest single is taken from the duo’s sophomore album ‘Sentimiento Mundial’ – recorded in Hackney with producer and Ulrika Spacek member Syd Kemp – and is penned for a September 25th release via Felte Records.

Clocking in at just over 3 minutes, ‘Contingencia’ is a juggernaut of scuzzed out Spacemen 3-esque psychedelia meets 90’s shoegaze. Add a measure of the pulsating brilliance of Neu!, and you’ll get an insight into the level of intensity on offer. The Mexico City-via-Tijuana outfit build delicate layers of sound that journey into a world truly of their own making, tidal waves of intricate noise crash down like slowly falling liquid Jenga blocks.

Vocalist Estrella Sánchez’ saccharine yet haunting delivery coats the torrent of distorted guitars that swirls through the mix of sonic soup. In terms of modern contemporaries, you’d file the magnificent Mint Field next to the likes of Ulrika Spacek, FEWS, TVAM and Just Mustard.

Perfect for rain-soaked autumn evenings, ‘Contingencia’ arrives ahead of Mint Field’s upcoming album, recorded at London’s Wilton Way Studios with Ulrika Spacek members Syd Kemp and Callum Brown. Listen on Spotify here.

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