Stockholm’s Rebecka Reinhard returns on ‘No Release’.

Oozing strength and healing power, ‘No Release’ comes from this summer’s EP release.


Drifting back and forth between ethereal electronic textures and instrumentation that builds in the most emotionally-charged and slow-burning way possible, Rebecka Reinhard has shared ‘No Release’. The new single is a follow up to ‘Whale’ – unveiled in May during lockdown – and is the second taste of this summer’s upcoming EP release.

Delicately delivered words float through the track, they sting with heartache and post-break up honesty, before drifting away like lost helium balloons. A sweeping sense of grandeur and occasion occupies the beating heart of ‘No Release’, drums crash down like a thunderstorm after stifling heat, as the track eventually gets the emotional pay off it deserves.

Intricate and thoughtful in it’s vocal delivery, while oozing strength and healing power with each passing second, ‘No Release’ displays Rebecka Reinhard’s unique way with melody and lyrical nostalgia. This summer’s EP release could be a special moment. Find the track on Spotify here.

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