Sapphire Blues premiere eerie video for ‘119’.

The Bristol band plunge us into darkness with their latest release.


Go to the pub, get a round in, start a guitar band and move in together. A natural progression for any aspiring band. Born of this same starry-eyed dream, Bristol hailing three-piece Sapphire Blues have emerged from their brooding, four walled wasteland of audio exploration on the darker side of life. We’re pleased to be premiering the video for their hard-nosed new single ‘119’.

Like a drizzling, grey sky that taunts us from the outside world, a gloomy montage of black and white cityscapes playout the downtrodden mentality of the song’s disillusioned protagonist. Strobe-esque flashes of the West Country band staring into the eyes of the beholder are enough to perturb even the deepest of sleepers. Accentuated by typewritten lyrics and the beacon of light that is the local Premier shop, the video for ‘119’ is a relatable and melancholic lens.

Driven by hard-hitting percussion and swelling guitar sounds, the Bristol trio’s new release gets down to the nitty-gritty without hesitation. Feelings of entrapment and stagnancy – perhaps in the wake of recent lockdown events – ripple through ‘119’ as the band battle sonic mood swings resultant from the certainty of uncertainty. “The silence is an earful, no rest for the mind”, enigmatic vocalist Sam Lance Jones delivers in raspy vocal.

Jones then expands on this crucial relationship between music and mental health stating, “More than anything, the band is our therapy. If we didn’t start the band, I don’t know how each of us would manifest our emotions.”

‘119’ is a vulnerable follow up to the ferocious debut single, ‘Good Morning Britain’. Find Sapphire Blues on Spotify here.

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