East London’s On Video share ‘Stuntman’.

On Video do 71 musical stunts in a sizzling three minutes.


While some artists have decided to slow down or perhaps chalk up 2020 as a lost cause, On Video have been quietly smashing it. Their latest effort is ‘Stuntman’ and arrives via Permanent Creeps Records. It’s jam-packed with fluid chord changes, titanic guitar riffs and a call and response vocal delivery that captures the beating heart of mid noughties indie to a tee.

The East London outfit’s first single of 2020, ‘Bête Noire’, arrived in May and came on like a punkier Spring King (sadly now defunct). Now mid-July, On Video have shared ‘Stuntman’, an muscular indie earworm which introduces their upcoming EP of the same name.

The music video captures the band performing as many as 71 stunts in three minutes with their instruments. This includes guitar tennis and golf, reverse drumming, drumming with breadsticks, drumming while cycling as well as guitar shot put. Find On Video through Spotify here.

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