Cornwall outfit The Velvet Hands share new single.

Anthemic garage rock soaked in 90’s nostalgia.


The Velvet Hands have dedicated their latest single to something close to their hearts, the pub. Sometimes people overlook the importance of local pubs as music venues, safe spaces and generally being at the heart of our communities. All proceeds from the Cornwall natives new single, ‘When This Is Over’, will be in aid of Music Venue Trust.

The garage rock outfit’s new single echos the ambitious and anthemic tunes from the 90’s, think Euro 96′, Britpop, Madchester, MTV and the age of the music video and everything baggy, including the music.

While the live music industry may have been handed a lifeline in the recent government announcement of financial aid, individual organisations will still have to apply for support and no doubt some will be unsuccessful, others will slip through the cracks. It’s integral that we continue to raise awareness and funds for the venues we love. Listen to The Velvet Hands on Spotify here.

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