Rosehip Teahouse share the intimate ‘Regretting It’.

The Cardiff outfit return with more delicate indie brilliance.


Cardiff five-piece Rosehip Teahouse are a special talent. Their music and heartfelt lyricism feels deeply personal, wholesome and essential. Few artists use honesty as their number one weapon, but on ‘Regretting It’ Rosehip Teahouse craft an emotional magnetism and connectivity that acts as a crutch for us all in darker moments.

You get the impression singer and guitarist Faye Rogers’ desire to express herself through music comes from a place of necessity, not just as a creative outlet. Faye reflects on the lyrics of the Welsh outfit’s latest single by saying, “Regretting It is a song I wrote last year when I was feeling totally overwhelmed. I struggle with understanding and coping with my emotions at the best of times, and I was making decisions that I knew were bad for me and trying not to sink under the weight of it all.”

Hand claps, synth solos and acoustic guitar bend the track’s indie pop boundaries and show the band’s love of sugar-sweet harmonies, blissful vocal melody and quirky instrumental values. Released on Sad Club Records, ‘Regretting It’ is out now.

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