The lo-fi croon of London’s Joseph Futak.

A touching ode to companionship on the video for his new single.


Welcome to another dreary Wednesday morning. The sticky grey kind where clouds have formed allegiances and clustered together to hide our favourite star, and the faces of past lovers appear in the bottomless ink of today’s third coffee, and tomorrow’s stimulant-less regrets.

As zoom chats turn into opportunities to nosy into folks homes, and offer self-introductions to a variety of indoor animals, Joseph Futak releases the video accompaniment to ‘Scrambling Around’; a noodling number where the art of raining cats and dogs is less literal, but the presence of furry friends lends itself to the perfect bud for floral framing, and companionship satisfaction.

Melancholically winding, like gently touching a Wurlitzer belonging to a sad clown in the summertime; this is a verdant indie waltz in which painted tears are seemingly the real deal, with a dash of painted aquamarine for navigated authenticity.

This might not be the right track for seasonal bliss out but it surely, charms continually. Joseph Futak has a way with lo-fi wry to which empathy glides hand in hand with perspective as a match made in harmonious heaven.

If you’ve spent the past few months climbing into fictional pages all in the name of escapism and opportunist mind expansion, then this is the right soundtrack for you.

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