Charming French post-punk squad Cloud Factory.

The Toulouse quintet unleash a beautifully menacing debut EP.


It’s another month in eternity and as we gear up to spend one more Friday afternoon mindlessly meandering, our backs pressed lazily against whatever bedroom floor is nearest; our heads drifting upwards into infinity, perpetually willing the clouds above for any measly slice of unanticipated inspiration… a new vision emerges from the hopeful horizon of across The Channel somewhere…

Toulouse’s Cloud Factory, are a daydreamers delight of post-punk mass-matter and in their debut EP: Cloud Factory #1 (released via Howlin Banana Records), the French five-piece prove that you don’t need to be holding someone’s hand whilst spoon-feeding motivation, to physically propel collective engagement.

Articulately angsty in all the hummable places – this is the kind of freak-out record you wish you had as a teenager; but in hindsight… are also grateful you didn’t because there’s no better time to be hectic than the present, and we all assume as adults, we’re more inclined to respect our shit. If limitless interzone is your shout then you’re in for a ride, as Cloud Factory have plenty of chorused drive, and are showing no signs of ageing anytime soon.

Sprawling five tracks of straightforward frustration, stand out track ‘Amnesia’ is a bassy firecracker; diligently tracing delighted patterns of ‘fuck yeah’, with a tinny sparkler in one hand, and hard-hitting sentimentalities, held close to the heart.

Chugged, addictively amalgamised, and tirelessly targeted; as far as first impressions go, don’t for one second think you’re gonna get anything other than instant classic from Cloud Factory. Stay tuned for whatever’s next to come.

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