The atmospheric art-rock of Shining Bird.

The Australian outfit pull us through an introspective soundscape.


Hailing from Australia come experimental art rock outfit Shining Bird with the thirteen and a half instrumental odyssey that is ‘Deadlands’. Kicking off with jarring, barbed saxophone, the New South Wales septet lay foundations for deep-rooted sonic tension. Delicate and serene synth sounds soon appease the knife-edge soundscape and draws us into transcendental nirvana.

Shining Birds drag you into a world of introspective thought – fusing our self indulgent nature and claustrophobic inner reality – as if slumped on a hill gazing into the farthest depths of the horizon at the break of dawn.

Around the seven minute mark, ‘Deadlands’ sees a fuzz-filled storm of psychedelic-fuelled guitars which meander into a maze of sound, akin to Californian psychedelic heavyweights The Brian Jonestown Massacre or Tokyo’s Kikgakau Moyo. It’s absolutely glorious stuff and ‘Deadlands’ could very well be the soundtrack to dopamine. Sink into the live studio recording for an out-of-body experience that aims to ease the pent-up stress of today’s modern living.

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