Manchester’s CJ Wood serves up debut.

Fruit Tones’ CJ Wood slips into solo shoes for intimately crafted debut.


Like all of us, CJ Wood has likely had too much time on his hands lately with nowhere to go. Maintaining a sense of productivity can keep a lid on our sanity, especially with the pressure of the world imploding within our television sets, wireless radios and smart phone devices.

‘Prop Yourself Up’ is CJ Wood’s debut release, the track concerns inactivity and a kind of hot-wiring of the brain, he mentions, “(‘Prop Yourself Up’) is written about my brain turning into mush and trying be proactive against that!”

Beautiful melodic turn after melodic turn, the vocal dances with an understated elegance, led by guitar but speckled with the depth of other instrumentation, ‘Prop Yourself Up’ is more intimate a cut than he may have appreciated. A direct line into one’s thought processes often turn out to be on the darker side of life, however CJ Wood’s debut conjures the beauty out of life’s simplicity.

Mastered by Bottle Rocket Recording’s Jonny Coddington and recorded between his flat and Manchester’s Kraak Gallery, CJ Wood’s lockdown project just got serious.

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